Fantasy as a literary genre

Just posted an abstract to last years essay on “fantasy as a literary genre” in the academic section.  You can view it here.  This essay covers Pan’s Labyrinth and Where the Wild Things Are (both fantastic films) and how they fit into the various models of fantastic fiction.


Tree of Life – review

Just posted in the reviews section a small musing about Malick’s The Tree of Life. It’s a must see and looking like topping my 2011 list.

Welcome to Cinematic Musings!

My thoughts on film … good and bad, past, present and future. Some comments may be short one liners and others longer. I will put up the odd review (see the reviews section), and post abstracts of academic writings I have done (see the academic section).

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A bit about me:
My name is Toby Woollaston and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently I am slowly making my way through a Master of Arts at Massey University (New Zealand) part time. The focus of my study is film theory and I am doing this out of sheer interest. I work full-time at APN in the Media Services department. I have a wonderful family (wife and two kids) whom I love dearly.

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