Month: August, 2012

Holy Motors review

I am entering into the final push for this year’s studies (film noir). Therefore I will be focussing my efforts in that direction for the next couple of months rather than Cinematic Musings. However, before I go trotting off into the dark abyss of post-ww2 male anxiety, I must briefly mention a fantastic (quite literally) film that I recently saw.  Read my review of Holy Motors here.


Sartre’s No Exit and Clouzot’s Le Corbeau

Just thrown up a brief abstract of an essay I wrote last year. Here I explore the thematic relationships between Sartre’s No Exit and Clouzot’s excellent (if slightly clinical) Le Corbeau and question to what extent Le Corbeau can be read as an existential text (of which No Exit is considered) as well as an example of occupation cinema.