Toby is currently a film reviewer for the New Zealand Herald and NZME’s regional media (see here) and he is also occasionally spotted knocking around the Witchdoctor site. A film enthusiast since Alien made him shit his pants as a nine-year-old, Toby recently completed a Masters thesis on the phenomenology of the cinema of Darren Aronofsky.  So he is well qualified to tell you that phenomenology is a load of boring bollocks… but Aronofsky is quite interesting.

He loves to talk about himself in the third person as it gives him an air of distanced superiority – a necessary tool for any film reviewer.  Oh, and he lives in Auckland, New Zealand and has a wonderful wife and two adorable kids, of whom I’m told he loves dearly.

Email: twoollaston@gmail.com
Twitter: @TMWoollaston