Latest Film Weekly podcast on Fassbender, McQueen, Shame, and JC Chandor.

In this weeks episode: The director and star of sex addict drama Shame talks to Jason Solomons. Plus an interview with Margin Call’s JC Chandor and reviews of the week’s big releases with Xan Brooks.

You can download the podcast here.

Monterey Theatre and Midnight in Paris review.

Seema and I finally got along to Howick’s “new” Monterey theatre. I say “new” because technically it is new. However, it is based on the original Monterey theatre that had been in Howick since the 1920s but unfortunately closed down a little over 15 years ago. I grew up going to that theatre, so it’s nice seeing it return, even if it is with a different look and location. So it was appropriate that coincidentally, sitting in front of me, was an old primary school friend who I hadn’t seen since the original Monterey was around. To make the night even more special Seema and I were on our 15th wedding anniversary.

So, after a nice dinner at Giggles we strolled over to the Monterey. I managed to convince Seema to see Midnight in Paris (Seema has reservations about Owen Wilson). You can see my (short) review of the film here.