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Some comments on Ang Lee’s Life of Pi

Whilst in sunny Gisborne last week Seema and I got out for an evening and saw Life of Pi. Now that it has sat with me for a week I can give a more measured response to Ang Lee’s film. Whilst the book captivated me with its fantastical reveals and appropriate levels of obscurity, Ang Lee has demonstrated, perhaps intentionally, that there are some integral elements of a book that cannot be fully translated to the screen. Both mediums are obviously different and their reception is often polarised. Reception and reaction is appropriated through the various mediums of consumption. Life of Pi is a literal translation and Ang Lee’s attempt to bring Yann Martel’s Life of Pi to the big screen has brought about a visual masterpiece that so beautifully captures the sensory nature of the book … it really is stunning. However, sensory and literal does not subjectively necessitate the same experience of the book. I couldn’t help feeling that the film laid all the book’s mysteries to bear, and then proceeded to answer them too explicitly. That the process the reader goes through, trying to understand what he/she has just read, is non-existent in this film version which is just too well explained leaving the viewer with little more than an exiting visual ride. But what a ride it was.  I still found this a highly entertaining and uplifting film in its own right. Book comparisons aside, I tip my hat too Lee for succeeding in all other areas.  See my rating here.



At last, a full trailer for Life of Pi

Here it is. Ofcourse there is only so much you can garner from two minutes. Although I’m luke warm on the musical score, Ang Lee seems to have captured the visuals just how I imagined them in head from the book. Really hanging out for this one.

Ang Lee’s Life of Pi

Really looking forward to this film which is due for release in November.  The web site for the film is up.  At the  moment it does not contain much content, but it does give you a taste of its visual aesthetic.  I’m not mad of the soundtrack that accompanies it, perhaps a tad commercial for a film like this, but really I can’t make any judgements at this early stage. You can view the site here.

Ang Lee’s Life of Pi

Great news! Yann Martel’s excellent Life of Pi is being made into a movie … and it’s being released at the end of this year. This one slipped completely under my radar. Life of Pi is the bestselling novel, released in 2001 and won the Man Booker Prize. If you haven’t read the book then drop everything and read it. It’s a fantastic story and easily one of my favorite books. I’m very curious as to how they will transfer what seems to be an unfilmable story. It certainly is an ambitious venture. However, with Ang Lee (The Ice Storm, Sense and Sensibility, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) at the helm I’m quietly confident that they will pull this one off.

Here is a the first released still … can’t tell a lot from one pic but they seem to be on the right track aesthetically. This is now up there as one of my most anticipated films of the next year, right up there with Prometheus.


Ang Lee's Life if Pi