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The Purple Rose of Cairo

Seema and I watched the The Purple Rose of Cairo on the weekend.  Having last seen Woody Allen’s classic when it was released some 25 years ago, I thought it was worth a revisit.  I was also keen to see how closely this film followed Pirandello’s play Six Characters in Search of an Author (having brieifly studied it a couple of years back) to which it draws its inspiration from. Seema and I had enjoyed Allen’s latest release Midnight in Paris, so I was fairly confident that she’d enjoy this.  If I was to compare The Purple Rose of Cairo to any other film then Midnight in Paris comes up trumps in almost every way.  The film has not aged a bit, and had it been released today I’m sure it would sit comfortably among present releases, The Artist, Midnight in Paris, and the like, trending with its meta-film language and fourth wall breaking that is presently popular.  If you haven’t seen this film … go and see it.


Monterey Theatre and Midnight in Paris review.

Seema and I finally got along to Howick’s “new” Monterey theatre. I say “new” because technically it is new. However, it is based on the original Monterey theatre that had been in Howick since the 1920s but unfortunately closed down a little over 15 years ago. I grew up going to that theatre, so it’s nice seeing it return, even if it is with a different look and location. So it was appropriate that coincidentally, sitting in front of me, was an old primary school friend who I hadn’t seen since the original Monterey was around. To make the night even more special Seema and I were on our 15th wedding anniversary.

So, after a nice dinner at Giggles we strolled over to the Monterey. I managed to convince Seema to see Midnight in Paris (Seema has reservations about Owen Wilson). You can see my (short) review of the film here.