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The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

Today was always going to be a really tiring day. Start work at 6am. Then after work up to the library to study. Fry my brain on phenomenological theories of the embodied spectator. Then straight downstairs to the Academy Cinema to watch a couple of hours of Slovoj Žižek. Zip home for dinner, then off to play a 9.30pm game of indoor cricket. Head back on pillow at midnight. Great fun … although I could do without the work part.

Two years ago I saw The Perverts Guide to Cinema. It was fascinating. I find Slovoj Žižek a really interesting person to watch, even if he is sometimes difficult to keep up with. The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology pairs the man himself with Sophie Fiennes (Director) again for another round. This time it has less to do with cinema and concerns more his philosophy of ideology. He carefully illustrates his concepts with film examples, which is the currency I understand. So again, I found this fascinating to watch … if not slightly frustrating as I struggled to clutch all his ideas in my overflowing brain. Trailer below.


Next up tonight is Francis Ha. Should be a lot less strenuous on my addled mind.

NZ International Film Fest … here we go!

At last! The NZ International Film Festival begins this Thursday. Here is their website. I’ve managed to shoe-horn in nine films to see. They are:

North By Northwest – Hitchcock’s classic. I’ve never seen it and it’s playing at the Civic … a safe bet!

Mud – I loved Nicol’s Take Shelter (still yet to see Shotgun Stories). I think McConaughey is great, an actor who’s talent has been tarnished by his fame. Been looking forward to this one for ages. Seema and I are both going assuming we find a baby sitter that night.

Mistaken for Strangers – I think I can quite safely say that The National is my favourite band at the mo. This is a doco about the band, made by Matt’s (lead singer) metal-head brother, who incidentally hates indie rock. Makes for an interesting start. This doco could go pear shaped, but will be interesting regardless.

Computer Chess – I am going to this entirely based on the very appealing trailer, and a few recommendations. A faux doco set in the seventies about, yep, you’ve guessed it, Computer Chess.

The Perverts Guide to Ideology – “We are responsible for our own dreams”. Sounds like an interesting premise for this doco. Watching academic Slavoj Zizek is both comical and fascinating, and if his last psychoanalytical exposé on Cinema is any indication, then this will be a very interesting, if somewhat hard to keep up with, experience.

Francis Ha – I don’t know too much about this one apart from its trailer and a few recommendations. A black and white comedy with Greta Gerwig directed by Noah Baumbach … gotta be good.

The Bling Ring – It’s Sofia Copola, so why not. I’ll have to put aside my dislike for all things, like, Valley, like, you know.

Only Lovers Left Alive – Vampire films are everywhere now, but there is a huge difference between the utter shite that is the Twilight series and Alfredson’s superb Let the Right One In. I’m trusting that Jarmusch is firmly in the right camp. Tilda Swinton is a mesmerising actress to boot.

To the Wonder – Seema and I finish off with a bit of Malick. His Tree of Life masterpiece is on my all time favs list. If this is half as good then I’ll be happy.

I’ll be back with my thoughts on them as they happen … ooh, so excited!