Top ten memorable scenes: #6 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

by Toby Woollaston

This is a beautiful film by New Zealand born director Andrew Dominik. A long slow burn that ratchets the tension up to this final scene. It troubles me to show this as a standalone as it really should be seen within the context of the entire film to be fully appreciated. That said, this scene still stands up as an amazing piece of cinema in its own right. Acting chops are really shown by the superb cast (Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, and Sam Rockwell). Dominik cleverly orchestrates the suspicion and relational manoevering of Robert Ford (Casey Affleck) and Jesse James (Brad Pitt) culminating in four minutes of mastery shot by Roger Deakins. Roger would have to be my favourite D.O.P. and this scene shows why … it is nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately the YouTube clip below doesn’t capture the scene in its entirety but its the best I could muster up.