Top ten memorable scenes: #1 Saving Private Ryan

by Toby Woollaston

Saving Private Ryan is not a great film by any stretch, and certainly far from my favourite film. However, there is no doubt that the opening twenty minutes that cover the Normandy landings are the most disturbing, and therefore the most memorable, minutes in cinema that I have ever seen. I remember where I was sitting in the cinema when I saw the horrors of war unfold before me. Not enjoyable, but disturbing … and memorable. I take my hat off to Speilberg for not holding back in conveying the necessary realism … not that I know the realities of war, but from all reports this sequence is so very close to the real thing that it moved war veterans to tears. The horror of war was never this clearly realised on screen. It is because of this that I must place the Normandy landing scene in Saving Private Ryan as my most memorable scene.