Computer Chess

by Toby Woollaston

Computer Chess is a faux documentary set in 1979 about a computer chess tournament. Watching this film is like trying to engage with someone with severe Aspergers … it is an odd experience, and there a palpable sense of disconnect. This however, makes complete sense when you acknowledge that this is a world populated with odd and disconnected characters. Once you understand this then Computer Chess is much more rewarding to watch. I commend Andrew Bujalski (Director and Writer) on making a very clever and well thought out film, but despite this, I still found the film’s disconnected nature to be just too distracting. While I admire its intent and depth, I simply wasn’t compelled to put more effort into its finer details, of which there seems to be plenty. Perhaps too clever for its own good, Computer Chess is still growing on me slowly as it settles, and over time its true genius might reveal itself to me … but probably not.


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