The Girl on the Train

by Toby Woollaston

tgott_620x310It’s a question everyone asks – was the book better than the film? To me it seems a fruitless inquiry as they are such dramatically different mediums. In most cases the book wins out, simply because it allows the reader to imagine a picture, whereas the film has the onerous task of presenting that picture … which differs for everyone. In this instance, I saw The Girl on the Train having not read the book. So, I was charged with reviewing the film on its own terms rather than having to consider screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson’s treatment of Paula Hawkins’ best-selling pot boiler.

As a proto-feminist thriller, The Girl on the Train does not tread lightly on themes of motherhood, identity, and displacement. The first half slowly unfolds as a psychological drama that introduces three women and the gender politics that play out in their homes.

Star rating: 4/5

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