A bit about me …

Until recently I was a Digital Preflight Editor for New Zealand’s premier integrated media company, NZME. In this role I was responsible for content management, sub-editing, formatting, and uploading news content to online news websites and online service providers. I was also responsible for preflighting and troubleshooting digital material for press, colour manipulation, page layout, and proofing within this busy media services studio. I found this role to be very rewarding.

Before joining NZME, I held two supervisory roles for Wilson & Horton, and worked as a Prepress Specialist for Horton Media. I was lucky enough to supervise a studio of amazing graphic designers and worked on creative products, magazines, and lift-out sections for New Zealand’s largest newspaper, the New Zealand Herald.

During my full-time employment I have extended myself through study, having successfully completed a Graduate Diploma in Digital Communication and Multimedia at AUT and recently a Master of Arts (Media Studies) at Massey University. Both qualifications were immensely satisfying to undertake, as reflected in being awarded with distinction. I have a genuine passion for cinema’s relationship with its audience and my Master’s thesis researched critical film theory and focused on the phenomenological reception of film – how the viewer can “feel cinema” through the use of colour, sound, and editing. Further information can be read on my website ( where I express my skill as an academic, critical film reviewer, and writer.

Having worn many hats in my career, I have developed the ability to multitask, undertake multi-disciplinary roles and navigate complex challenges in a methodical and accurate manner. Most importantly, past experience has taught me that my professional value can be highlighted by the following:

• I have great ideas.
• I get my hands dirty executing these ideas.
• I don’t care who gets the credit. I just want results.

In other words …

• I think before I act.
• I run towards challenges.
• I’m the calm one.

I am truly passionate about my work. Please feel free to contact me at any time.


You can see my full CV here.


Please find below a brief portfolio of graphic design work I have done for various clients.

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