Compliance (2012) – directed by Craig Zobel

Compliance. Whoa … I really found this an awkward film to watch. In a nutshell, Compliance explores the nature to which people succumb to authority. Based on true events, it tells the story of a sexual devient prank caller impersonating a police officer who victimises employees at a fast food outlet. Craig Zobel superbly directs a slow burn that ratchets up the tension with enexhorable unease. He handles the subject matter with great care, employing a trope often synonamous with good horrors, that it is what you don’t see that is disturbing. Had it not been for the superb nature that this film was shot, its exploration of true events, and the extraordinary acting skills of Ann Dowd, I would’ve suggested that this was a little close to the bone. However, I found Compliance to be a thoroughly interesting and engrossing film.