Django Unchained (2013) – directed by Quentin Tarantino

One thing about watching a Tarantino film is that you know what you’re in for. Sometimes he surprises, but more often than not it is an over-the-top ultra stylistic violent romp through a scape dripping with cool tunes. This is no different. It an incredibly attractive film with charismatic performances from Waltz (I can’t fault this Oscar nod), Jackson, DiCaprio, and Foxx. Above all this is a commentary on the struggle for freedom. Specifically the black struggle for freedom, but can be applied to any of the oppressed in our world. Despite its obvious inaccuracies, the narrative can only be interpreted as empowering for blacks … I cannot understand any argument to the contrary.

Technically a little disjointed and aimless in parts, I still found Django Unchained entertaining, disturbing, and enlightening. Although I still have to question if the gratuitous violence is necessary; it has become such a trademark of Tarantino that its inclusion seems necessitated by audience expectations and thus risks obscuring of the film’s premise.