The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey (2012) – directed by Peter Jackson

There is something to be said for low expectations. Indeed, it is somewhat ironic that my low expectations were put on an unexpected journey. Peter Jackson’s first installment of the Hobbit trilogy is a thoroughly entertaining film that transparently retells Tolkein’s beloved childrens book. Its pace ebbed and flowed and appropriately let me surface for air when required. But most importantly, it took its time … time to be loyal to the book and thoroughly explore all its intricate details. The result was a film that did not leave me short-changed and authentically retold the book under no false pretences. The near three hours flew by, (even my kids sat transfixed to the screen to the bitter end), not a common feature of seasonal block busters. By no means as ground breaking as Lord of the Rings, yet I found An Unexpected Journey more entertaining. The end result is the outright adventure I was hoping for … but not expecting.