Frances Ha

by Toby Woollaston

On Friday afternoon Seema and I saw Noah Baumbach’s latest film, Frances Ha. This well written original screenplay (by Gerwig and Baumbach) is a feel good film that hits its target perfectly. Not motivated particularly by its narrative, Frances Ha concerns the titular Frances (played by Gerwig) as she stumbles through that period of limbo between studenthood and settling down to a job, relationship etc. It’s a real slice of life that is rich with familiar characters, the kind that we’ve all known or met at some stage in our life. I found this film to be so well weighted in all respects. It is funny, quirky, intelligent, and infectious, yet is careful not to overcook any of these. I’m still puzzled by the odd decision to shoot this character driven film in black and white … although it didn’t seem to detract either so I’ll just leave that well alone.

Frances Ha is a must see!


Afterward we headed out to Cafe Abyssinia in Sandringham for some Ethiopian cuisine. Never had Ethiopian before, but boy it was yummy! Thanks to Nana and Mikee for looking after the kids :0)


Next Thursday it’s Sofia Copola’s Bling Ring.