Aquaman – a brief review

by Toby Woollaston

aquaman3An aquatic Steven Adams lookalike suits up to quell infighting among the H2O breathables in a film that has more eye-rolling moments than a conversation with a petulant teenage valley-girl.

As far as superhero flicks go Aquaman is everything the excellent, but thematically similar, Black Panther isn’t; disjointed, bloated and boring. Jason Momoa, while plenty of screen presence and handy with a smarmy snark, doesn’t have the acting chops to draw you into his plight.

There’s too much world building and not enough character building. Waaaaay too much posturing and, again, not enough character building. To be clear … there’s not enough character building.

Aquaman floats like an unflushable turd.

Go see Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse instead.